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Living the life of a 16 year old from the sunny south coast of England. I like art, design and whatever kind of music I'll listen to anything. Some would say I have a hipster-esque blog but I just post whatever floats my boat.

Snapchat anyone? pip2345

so the bf just called me for the first time properly like not just to be like “where are you” and :D im really happy now. we’ve been going out like 6 months why hasn’t he called me before? (the aim of this message is to subtly hint to him that i like calls instead of texts all the time x not that i mind texts they’re great too but sometimes they “sound” so different to what they were intended to sound like and that gets confusing x anyway that went a bit off topic x yeh do you think this is subtle enough?)


if i spent as much time studying as i do sitting on the internet, i could probably be at harvard right now 

how can you sit on the internet? its not a physical thing - like sitting on a chair?

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